I’m loving this!

I am just in love with this new Royal Blood quote from Sebastian. It’s true you know, real love never dies.

From Royal Blood:

Sebastian grimaced. “You cannot die, Sadie! I love you, stay with me. Get a doctor now!” he pleaded to the people around him.

“We have a healer on site at the Guild. I will get him,” Ludwik took off up the stairs.

Sebastian leaned back down and held me gently. I could feel his arms around me but it was as if he was holding someone else, like I was detached somehow. In the recesses of my mind I could faintly hear him, but the darkness wouldn’t leave me.

Sadie…please…don’t leave me…I just found you…come back.

Sebastian, I can’t find my way through the darkness. I think I may be dying….I want you to know that more than anything….I love you.

He paused and took a breath. “I love you too Sadie but I won’t let you give up that easily. Follow my voice. You can’t let the darkness win…just listen and let my voice guide you back,” Sebastian held me closer and whispered in my ear. “We are going to have an amazing life together. A doctor is coming…a healer, hold on my love.”

The darkness is getting heavier… it feels like its holding me down so I can’t get back to you. I am so tired, Sebastian.

“Stay with me, my love, it’ll be just a few more moments until the doctor arrives. Fight it…don’t let it win. We have waited all our lives for this time. Fight for us, my love.”

I could tell in his words that he was breaking apart inside and I needed more than anything to reach out and comfort him, but I couldn’t. The darkness was unyielding. So with my mind I sent me my thoughts again. Don’t be upset, these last few days were the happiest I have ever been. Even if I go now, I will go knowing what it truly feels like to be loved.

“Don’t talk like that, don’t you ever talk like that. You will be immortal with me. We will be together forever…love never dies. Just hold on, my love…hold on…the healer is here now.”

He looked over at the large man kneeling down with him. “You have to save her…I can’t live without her.”


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