You Might Be a Cruise Addict If….

They say if you have an addiction it’s best to admit it. Vocalize it. Get out of denial. As a matter of fact with a little Google help, I have come to realize that the first step of addiction is to admit you are powerless over your addiction and the pull it has over you. So this is me admitting I have a problem. I am addicted to cruising.

There, I said it, well, typed it.

It all started out so innocent. My husband and I were coming up on our 20th wedding anniversary, and we wanted to do something special. Having lived in Florida for six years now, everyone always harassed us about never going on a cruise. Personally, when I thought of a cruise, I imagined being stuck on a big ship in the middle of the ocean with 2,000 grumpy old people and loads of screaming kids. That would be my own personal Hell. No, thank you!

I was SO wrong.

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