Dreamer: Book One of the Forever Series


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What do you do when you’ve known you’re different your whole life but can’t figure out why? You have great friends and a good family, but something has just always felt off. Everyone else you know seems happy with their day to day existence. You are too…well, basically. That’s how Sadie has always felt. She tries to fit in, but there is just something there…different than what everyone else seems to be. Then one day fate takes her life into its hands and changes everything. Out of the blue she loses her job, her boyfriend leaves and she starts having these really vivid dreams about a guy she’s never met.

The world Sadie has known her whole life is about to change, but is she brave enough to take a leap of faith and change with it? Can she accept the things she’s about to learn and let this intriguing dream man lead her through this magical new world? Is she really ready to let herself believe and find love?

Only time will tell…….but what if you had Forever?


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