The Ties That Bind: Book Four of the Forever Series




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After many close calls with the Dracco clan, Sadie and Sebastian find themselves in the Mandurago capitol. Sadie was hoping it would be their safe haven before their binding ceremony, unfortunately that is not coming together out quite as they had planned. After a strange turn of events, she learns someone close to her isn’t who they seem to be. Separated from Sebastian and unable to contact him, she is frightened for her life and her future. She needs to call on her Royal powers to get away from her captors, but how can she when she doesn’t know how to use them? Wanting Sebastian is Sadie’s one-true happy ever after, but will she get it?

This book is intended for 17+ audiences.



Seeking Sebastian is not a stand-alone title. It is meant to follow Dreamer:Book One, Royal Blood:Book Two and Seeking Sebastian: Book Three.


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