You are an accumulation of every step, every word, and every thought you have ever had in your life.

Think about that for a moment. Every feeling, every move, every relationship you have ever had throughout your entire life, has brought you to this exact point in time. As you read this, do you realize all the amazing things that had to happen to get you just to this precise moment? The universal dance of your life, your emotions, and triggers, all brought you to this exact point. You are an accumulation of everything you have ever touched or been touched by in your life.

This moment isn’t happening by chance. This moment is meant to be. You are supposed to be right here, reading this, right now. How else can you explain why you did all the things you did today? Or last week, or last night, to find yourself right here, right now? Do you think it’s a fluke you clicked on this article? Do you think that the traffic you were stopped in this morning or your kids waking you up in the middle of the night caused this? No, you are here because everything in the universe moved together in a cosmic dance to get you into this one space, this one place, to read this one article.

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Photo Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team