Share Your Story of Invisible Illness

I’m SO excited to finally get to announce this. I am working with the CRPS community to put together a new book on Invisible Illness Awareness.

Imagine all the people around the world, like myself, that have a rare invisible illness walking into a Drs office with the book saying, “This is what I have!” So powerful!

If you or someone you know has an invisible illness aka Lupus, Cancer, Diabetes, CRPS, POTs, Fibromyalgia (and the list goes on and on) email me at

I want to share your story, your hopes, your dreams, your warrior trials with the world! No story is too small or too big. We’re going to make this book so huge there’s no way we can be ignored.

Please spread this post to other spoonies! We can make a book so telling that they won’t be able to ignore us any longer!

Thank you for all your support!